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Our tool, the Inclusive Collaboration Toolkit, is used by executive teams, business line and HR/people ops leaders, and individuals who sit on the teams of the afore-mentioned. ...

Bethesda, MD

Who is the end-user of your DEI tool/resource?

We serve leaders, teams and individuals across industries and functions. Our tool, the Inclusive Collaboration Toolkit,  is used by executive teams, business line and HR/people ops leaders, and individuals who sit on the teams of the afore-mentioned.  With our tool, leaders can get a snapshot of the environment for inclusion and collaboration at all levels of their organization: at the team level, department level, and organizational level. Additionally, every individual who takes the Inclusive Collaboration Assessment receives an individual report detailing how they are experiencing their workplace across the dimensions that drive inclusion and high-quality collaboration.

What is the DEI question/issue your innovation is seeking to solve?

Our tool seeks to address 2 main problems: First,  the employee disengagement, underperformance, and high attrition rate in work environments that have not successfully cultivated a culture of inclusion. And second, the lack of available tools in the market for employer organizations to be able to accurately measure, track and improve the key drivers of highly inclusive and collaborative work environments.

How does your DEI tool/resource advance diversity, equity and/or inclusivity within a company or community?

It’s a well known business truism that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Because we have developed a research-validated model of inclusion and collaboration, we know that inclusion and collaboration rely on six key drivers, or dimensions. When employees or teams at an organization take our survey, their responses are scored against these drivers. As a result, every team or organization gets a detailed snapshot of its strengths and vulnerabilities in creating an environment that promotes inclusion and high-quality collaboration. Most importantly, this snapshot includes an actionable roadmap, as well as supporting resources, guiding teams to the most important next, specific steps to take to improve inclusion and collaboration.

What is the estimated time to implement your DEI tool/resource for the customer?

We can get a customer team up and running - from sale to provisioning of teams to deployment of tool - in 10 days.

How will the user of your tool/resource know/see the intended impact? What metrics will be used to show success?

Our tool measures the six key drivers, or pillars, of inclusive collaboration, as well as the sub-pillars within each of those drivers; scores are benchmarked against a combination of the survey group used to validate our model as well as our own customer base. The six key drivers include alignment, cooperation, compassion, fairness, psychological safety, and belonging.

When organizations follow the post--assessment recommendations, they should see the scores on the above dimensions improve over time. Based on our annual studies using our model, we would also expect employee turnover intent and burnout to decrease, and job satisfaction to rise.


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