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Our platform is multifaceted, job seekers receive upskilling certs and wrap-around support services and can search for careers on the site. ...


Hanover, MD

Who is the end-user of your DEI tool/resource?

Our platform is multifaceted, job seekers receive upskilling certs and wrap-around support services and can search for careers on the site. National companies purchase licenses or have job share capabilities to access our  diverse members for job opportunities. NPOs collaborate to get their members upskilled. Large technology companies offer scholarships for courses at a discounted rate. All of these items come together within our eco-system to get people upskilled, and then ultimately have them find jobs.

What is the DEI question/issue your innovation is seeking to solve?

The statistics for diversity in tech are staggeringly low (for example, statistics show that there are about 3% black women in technology). Our mission is to support those women, and other underserved communities (women re-entering the workforce, veterans, and other under-represented communities), in their upskilling journey, and find job placement with an increase in salary. To show our success in our journey, our statistic for placing black women in tech is 17%--and we are just getting started! Through our platform, we are able to connect employers with recently upskilled job seekers.

How does your DEI tool/resource advance diversity, equity and/or inclusivity within a company or community?

We are impacting the national skills gap and lack of diversity in tech by providing companies with a full eco system in which they can easily and cost effectively access diverse talent. Our scholarships allow over 500 members each week to join a tech training cohort and all of these members have access to any of the jobs that are posted on our site and recruiting support. All employers have access to this recently upskilled talent!

What is the estimated time to implement your DEI tool/resource for the customer?

The time for implementation for the customer depends on who the customer is: our members can have their profiles up and running within minutes--for free! Recruiters with licenses can begin searching for candidates within minutes--with a fee! Companies listing their jobs can have this implemented within a few hours or days depending on size--with a fee. NPOs can join our organization within minutes--with a fee based on services!

How will the user of your tool/resource know/see the intended impact? What metrics will be used to show success?

Our members are gaining certifications and receiving other trainings to better help their job search. They are also being placed in roles--this is a direct measurement. Companies can see an increase in diverse candidates being matched for or being found for jobs.


  • While the companies listed within this directory have been reviewed and identified as offering products or services may be of value in helping companies and organizations enhance diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), listing them in this online directory does not constitute an endorsement by the Maryland Tech Council of any of the companies, their products or services. MTC recommends that a company or organization conduct its own due diligence and assessment of any company, product or service as appropriate for their needs.
  • Reviews were done by a talented cross section of Maryland Tech Council members, some of whom may have had a previous relationship with the firm being assessed. The process used ensured a high-level objectivity even given these previous relationships.
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