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Aleria has proprietary metrics and scores that have been developed internally that we use to share our findings, track progress and make recommendations ...


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Who is the end-user of your DEI tool/resource?

We work directly with companies who can leverage our software to measure inclusion within their workplaces. Client's employees access the platform directly to share their experiences, and leadership teams can access dashboards of the findings and insights.

What is the DEI question/issue your innovation is seeking to solve?

Many studies show the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive team. Additionally, stakeholders (customers, employees, board members, investors, and more) are increasingly holding businesses accountable for change. They want to support, work for and spend money with brands that align with their own values. The problem is that business leaders don't actually know how to drive this change in a meaningful way. Studies show that $8B+ is spent on D&I initiatives each year, but the needle isn’t moving. Even where employees can recognize that there are initiatives in place, most feel as if those initiatives aren’t actually improving their experience at work. Performative work and check box exercises aren’t going to cut it anymore.

It’s clear to us that business leaders need clarity. They are looking to better understand how to go about this work, where to focus their resources, what to measure and how to define success as it relates to diversity and inclusion.

**That’s where we come in.**

How does your DEI tool/resource advance diversity, equity and/or inclusivity within a company or community?

There is no silver bullet to this work. In order to be successful in driving greater diversity and inclusion, business leaders have to embrace, measure and track related data. At Aleria we specifically measure inclusion and pinpoint where organizations can focus to drive greater diversity, inclusion, employee satisfaction and, ultimately, greater business performance.

While folks often refer to D&I or DEI as one collective concept, there is a fundamental problem. Most initiatives, studies and research focus almost exclusively on diversity or representation. But diversity without inclusion is a revolving door of talent. There are a number of reasons we believe that organizations aren’t focused on or measuring inclusion. However, one of the key reasons is because inclusion is invisible, particularly to those that enjoy it the most. In order to truly understand how to drive greater inclusion, leaders must gain a sense of the day-to-day experiences of employees across the organization.

At Aleria, we leveraged behavioral sciences and complexity science to develop a patent-pending framework for measuring inclusion. We use this framework and our proprietary technology to capture experiences of exclusion and identify specific opportunities to drive meaningful, quantifiable change. With our approach we’re also able to link DEI initiatives to core business performance metrics, helping business leaders embrace and champion the work.

What is the estimated time to implement your DEI tool/resource for the customer?

Upon signing a contract, we can onboard our client's workforce on to Aleria's platform within a week. Any extension in this timeline is solely due to scheduling of onboarding workshops.

How will the user of your tool/resource know/see the intended impact? What metrics will be used to show success?

Aleria has proprietary metrics and scores that have been developed internally that we use to share our findings, track progress and make recommendations. Clients can see impact through changes in these inclusion-related metrics as well as impact on core business metrics including employee satisfaction, retention rates, employee productivity and more.


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