Two Six Technologies Announces Public Release of Coffeebreak

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Two Six Technologies (“Two Six”), a high-growth, technology-focused provider of products and expertise to U.S. national security customers, announced today the open-source release of Coffeebreak. Coffeebreak is an Android application that privately and securely calculates a central meeting location among participants without actually transmitting a user’s location from their phone.

Every day, advertising companies and data brokers amass massive amounts of data from mobile phones, tracking billions of users globally. While Google and Apple have begun to provide better privacy controls, data is still being collected that is often unnecessary to provide the expected functionality to end users. New privacy preserving technologies are emerging, enabling app developers to provide better privacy to end users while still achieving the functional goals of the application.

“The ability to target and track citizens or government personnel alike is an increasing risk that must be addressed,” said Joe Logue, CEO of Two Six Technologies. “Two Six is committed to partnering with DARPA and other government organizations to continue driving innovative research in technologies and systems that ensure user’s privacy.”

Coffeebreak was jointly developed under the DARPA Brandeis program by Two Six Technologies, Stealth Software Technologies, Raytheon BBN. Coffeebreak showcases how an application can leverage multi party computation (MPC) to provide a meaningful service to users without sacrificing their privacy. Coffeebreak supports securely and privately calculating a meeting point (at a coffee shop) for up to 10 participants. It does so by encrypting the device’s location and running the MPC calculation across all of the participating phones, operating only on the encrypted location data.

“Coffeebreak demonstrates that MPC and other privacy preserving techniques are ready to be leveraged and utilized more broadly, mitigating some of the privacy risks faced by users today,” said Dan Hallenbeck, Research Director at Two Six Technologies. “We hope that by open sourcing Coffeebreak and demonstrating what can be done with this technology, more app developers will follow and begin to leverage privacy technologies to better protect their users.”

The Coffeebreak source code is freely available for use on Two Six Technologies’ Github:

Additional information is available on the Stealth Software Technologies website:

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

About Two Six Technologies
Two Six Technologies is a high-growth technology company dedicated to providing products and expertise to national security customers. The company solves complex technical challenges in six areas that are key to national security missions: cyber and space operations, data science, information operations, microelectronics, nextgen communications, and intelligence and decision support.

The company offers a family of operationally deployed products including Pulse, IKE™, SIGMA™, TrustedKeep™, M3, ATLAS, and others. Major customers include the Department of Defense, including U.S. Cyber Command and DARPA, Department of State, the Intelligence Community, and the Department of Homeland Security. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Two Six Technologies employs more than 500 professionals and maintains a global operational footprint that includes a technical presence in more than 40 countries, coupled with native proficiency in 20+ languages.

Two Six was formed in February 2021 by global investment firm The Carlyle Group. For more information, visit on Twitter, and Two Six Technologies on LinkedIn.

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