GaiaXus and RPM Technologies partner to develop environmental monitors

Germantown & Forest Hill, Maryland, August 3rd, 2022.

GaiaXus LLC, a Maryland-based start up company technology and Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Technologies (RPM Tech) announce their partnership to develop low-cost, accurate and internet connected (IoT) environmental sensors for citizen scientists and education.

GaiaXus LLC was founded in November 2021 with the goal to increase scientific and environmental engagement by developing and marketing environmental sensing and and analysis systems.  The company has been awarded a Phase I SBIR by the US Department of Education and scaled up a team of educators, developers and commercial partners. Managing partner Dietrich Ruehlmann combines his decade long experience developing and marketing analytical devices with his passion for safeguarding the environment and improving access to environmental STEM (eSTEM).

RPM Tech was founded by Cyrus Etemad-Moghadam as a dedicated, multidisciplinary engineering company located in Harfort County, Maryland.  The company has proven expertise in mechanical and electronic engineering, industrial design and sensor and IoT product development.  With over 20 staff engineers, RPM Tech has consistently served start-up and established firms with developing complex prototypes and scaling them into production.

The partnership between GaiaXus and RPM Tech allows GaiaXus to develop and integrate new sensors and scale them rapidly into small-scale manufacturing for incremental testing with stakeholders from the citizen science and education community.

Contact Point.  Dietrich Ruehlmann

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