Emmes launches cell and gene therapy center

The Cell and Gene Therapy Center will combine a team of 100 researchers to capitalize on the company’s 35 years of cell and gene therapy experience. 

Emmes is dedicating a center to enhance the company’s legacy and depth in cell and gene therapy research.

The company, a global, full-service clinical research organization (CRO) dedicated to supporting the advancement of public health and biopharmaceutical innovation, noted in a news release that the center will focus on supporting the clinical trials of our clients who are developing cell and gene therapies around the world and across multiple therapeutic areas, including ophthalmology and rare diseases.

According to the news release, the center will combine a team of 100 researchers to capitalize on the company’s 35 years of cell and gene therapy experience.

Christine Dingivan, MD, CEO of Emmes, noted that the company’s reputation and the growth opportunities in cell and gene therapy research fueld the decision to establish the center.

We have supported more than 125 clinical trials that integrate cell or gene therapies and have a long record of successful collaboration with leading investigators in this field,’ she said in the news release. “This new center centralizes our resources and facilitates expansion in our current strengths to other high- potential areas where we’re building expertise.”

The Cell and Gene Therapy Center follows the launch of Emmes’ Rare Disease Center last year.

Adam Mendizabal, PhD, an Emmes vice president, has been named the scientific leader of the Cell and Gene Therapy Center.

“Innovations in cell and gene therapies are accelerating the opportunity to tackle increasingly complex research questions,” he said in the news release. “Ultimately, what this means is greater potential to test and create life-changing treatments for patients suffering from a wide range of conditions and diseases.”

Mendizabal pointed out that the partnerships the company has built with leading cell and gene therapy experts have resulted in more than 100 scientific manuscripts co-authored by Emmes researchers and centered on research results and progress.

“One of our areas of strength and proficiency is in the use of cellular therapies for blood disorders. Emmes is proud to have been at the forefront of this research for more than 30 years,” he added. “During this period, our cell and gene therapy research portfolio has evolved in parallel with scientific advances.”

Mendizabal explained that Emmes has partnered with the National Institutes of Health and with biopharma companies to evaluate promising therapeutic approaches in multi-institutional clinical trials to improve the outcomes of blood and marrow transplantation and other cellular therapies for patients facing life-threatening blood disorders. Through these relationships, Emmes has contributed to practice-changing clinical trials and is known as a preeminent CRO in these therapeutic areas.

“Emmes’ Cell and Gene Therapy Center will harmonize our diverse credentials across multiple therapeutic areas and functions under one roof, allowing our best practices and expertise to be leveraged even more efficiently in this complex environment of evolving therapies,” he concluded. 

The center will offer Emmes’ full complement of research services, with particular expertise in clinical trial operations, study leadership, statistical services, data management, and pharmacovigilance. Regulatory, training and educational support will continue to expand.

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