Affordable Point of Service Healthcare Access Comes to Marylanders

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Maryland Businesses Partnership to Provide Telehealth Platform to Mitigate Health Inequity

Hawkeye Med Tech, Inc, a Maryland Medtech company has partnered with the Kiosk Group, Ltd,. to produce one-of-a-kind Portable TotalCare Telehealth StationTM or PTTS. PTTS is a Made in Maryland integrated telehealth tablet, blood pressure machine and pulse oximeter. PTTS not only enables users to get scheduled virtual medical and mental healthcare with their own providers but also self-manage their chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD, Cancer, Parkinson, obesity and others. 

Hawkeye MedTech won a significant grant from the State of Maryland to deploy TotalCare Portable Telehealth Stations to improve access to healthcare and reduce health inequity in the State of Maryland.

PTTS is being targeted to senior independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, activity centers, libraries, rural communities and adult daycare centers around the US.

"We saw the promise of telehealth for serving rural, seniors and inner-city Marylanders with little access to healthcare. However, we also know that access to computers, fast internet connections, and smartphones can be hard to come by in some communities. By offering a low-cost PTTS appliance to locations like libraries, senior assisted living facilities, community health offices, and schools, we can bring access to healthcare closer to these communities." says Hawkeye MedTech CEO Ashok Kapur, "Telehealth can't remove every barrier to access to healthcare but can make a significant impact."

"We developed a device that is rugged, portable, and easy-to-use that is also easy to disinfect and maintain. It is safe to use in a public and in facility settings" says Aaron Westphal, Kiosk Group’s Director of Sales and Operations, "For less than two dollars a day, any location can offer a safe, durable, turnkey telehealth platform to their visitors."

TotalCare by Hawkeye Med Tech

TotalCare™ is a HIPAA compliant software and hardware solution that helps democratize healthcare access across socio-economic barriers. By bringing physicians into rural and inner-city healthcare deserts through telehealth point-of-service stations and free-to-use mobile apps, TotalCare reduces the barriers that often lead to chronic disease progression, late diagnosis, and avoidable adverse outcomes.  

Kiosk Group, Ltd.

Kiosk Group, Inc. is a privately held, Maryland-based company that many leading companies, organizations, and government agencies trust and rely upon for interactive kiosks.

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