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Life Science Process Validation Guidance: New Concepts, Purpose, and Insight

Stephanie Brandford, founder of Brayearst Validation Consulting, delivers a compelling and educational webinar titled “Life Science Process Validation Guidance: New Concepts, Purpose, and Insight.” It can be viewed on demand at

This presentation is essential for professionals involved in medical device, biologics, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, offering deep insights into the complexities of process validation. Stephanie leverages her two decades of experience and Six Sigma expertise to elucidate the roles and steps necessary for successful validation—emphasizing compliance with FDA and global standards. She explores various types of process validations, maintains validated states, and addresses post-validation considerations. 

The webinar includes a thorough discussion on integrating medical device and drug manufacturing regulations, verification versus validation differences, and practical examples of overcoming common validation challenges. This session is not just about following regulations but enhancing product quality and efficiency in manufacturing. 

For a detailed exploration of process validation that aligns with industry best practices and innovative approaches, this webinar is a must-watch. Engage with this content to elevate your understanding and application of process validation in your projects. Join Stephanie at for more insights and future events.

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