GFTD - Digital wishlist and gift-giving app that streamlines sending and receiving gifts

Through cutting-edge financial technology, GFTD offers customer-to-customer monetary transactions for the first time ever.

First, download the GFTD app and make an account.
All you need is a phone and a bank account. Enter your bank information into our secure platform and you will have access to our instant transfer technology.

Connect with your friends to see their wishlists and GFT them instantly.
We made GFTD so you could show your friends you care with the push of a button. Whether they need a new set of tires or have a craving for their local coffee shop’s famous coffee cake, you can know their needs and wants without the guesswork. Just search for your name or import your contacts and add them as a friend. You’ll then be able to see their wishlist, and they can see yours.

Put together your own wishlist to make your friends’ GFTing easy.
Just scan a barcode or manually enter your wants and needs into your GFTD wishlist. With the push of a button, you can give your friends a way to make your day from wherever they are. 

Send a GFT to friends and family. 
Get creative or rely on their curated wishlist to treat your friend from far away. Choose a friend, select the gift you’d like to send or enter it manually, and transfer the funds instantly. You can even embed tax and tip to be sure your GFT can be redeemed seamlessly.

Get GFTD and say thank you.
You want the perfect way to show your gratitude and we’ve made it easy. Just send over a quick, meaningful thank you note within the app– your GFTer will smile!


Nina Guise-Gerrity 

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Expiration Date : 8/31/2022

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