Empowering Client Talent Acquisition through Mobility Adaptive Programs

As the global economy is now beginning to emerge from the impacts of the Covid pandemic, employers are contemplating new levels of growth and are recognizing the skills gap and an increasingly competitive talent acquisition landscape. Their ability to find the right talent at the right time – is believed to be the difference between recovery and prosperity.

To accommodate organizations working to develop an adaptive culture, including for competitive talent acquisition initiatives, Interim Homes has developed a best practice model for supporting valued candidates, recruits, employees and affiliates that can decrease temp housing spend, tax and even incidental costs, significantly.

As a certified Woman-Owned Small Business, leveraging Interim Homes services can further support the enterprise objective for diversity and inclusion spend.

Dedicated Account Management Resources – deployed to perform detailed needs analysis and develop concise understanding of project personnel allocation, timelines and budget requirements for housing.

Local, regional and global supply chain expertise – immersed in destination, target areas for developing housing solutions that will fit the varied and evolving needs of each project team.

Core Inventory in Key Markets – Our established presence in major markets offer best-available options, consistent amenities and impeccable support for our client professionals.


Project-oriented Accommodation options – for R&D or audit teams, new professional recruits, ongoing or rotational management development programs or even college interns, our housing options can accommodate every level of home experience demand

Managed Lease Programs – created to secure and provide consistent community of housing in cost effective properties over longer terms administered to ensure maximum occupancy, reduce expenses and promote client brand and depth of engagement, loyalty

Triple 1s Guest Experience™ – Our 175 points of Excellence Inspection™ ensures every detail of space is reviewed and optimizes before guest arrival, so that the client knows the stay is going to be exceptional within the first minute, hour and day of arrival

24/7 Support – when team members require support, our teams are ready to assist!

Empowering Client Talent Acquisition through Mobility Adaptive Programs

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Expiration Date : 10/29/2023

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