Platelet and Thrombosis Research, LLC

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, 2401 West Belvedere Ave, Room 210, Research Building
Baltimore MD 21215

Platelet and Thrombosis Research was initiated 20 years ago by Dr. Paul A Gurbel who is an internationally well known cardiologist and translational researcher. Our research is mainly funded by top cardiovascular pharmaceutical companies such as Astra Zeneca, Elli Lilly, Bayer, Merck, Amgen, etc. We also have NIH funded research grants. Our research has focused on defining the effects of antiplatelet agents, antiplatelet agent development, and understanding the relation of platelet reactivity to ischemic event occurrence in patients undergoing stenting. Our lab instituted personalized antiplatelet therapy based on phenotypic and genetic analyses. Dr. Gurbel holds patents in the fields of interventional cardiology and antithrombotic therapy. Our concepts and research have been published in over 1000 abstracts, manuscripts, monographs, books and book chapters. Dr. Gurbel has coauthored over 350 major articles in peer-reviewed journals, 25 book chapter and several monographs on antiplatelet therapy.

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