Pandexio, Inc

1713 Hunt Meadow Drive
Annapolis MD 21403
About Us

We discovered a big performance bottleneck by putting a microscope to how people and teams use information to drive on-the-job, at the Point-of-Work execution.  They Google a lot, share a lot of documents, and consume tons of content to form new insights or wisdom. These insights drive business decisions, actions and results; yet, they are stored between employees’ ears, disconnected from context and quickly lost or forgotten. Individuals, teams and organizations operate largely blind to the insights of their colleagues. This performance bottleneck is significant in today’s insight-driven economy, where speed to informed action matters. Pandexio exploits the value of insights by taking them digital.  You can think of Pandexio as an organization-wide “iTunes” for actionable insights: created, curated and shared across the organization and available on-demand. 

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