Pandexio, Inc

1713 Hunt Meadow Drive
Annapolis MD 21403
About Us

One sentence: Pandexio is a Cloud-based, SaaS software platform that fuels productive, high-value collaboration, leveraging the content people use to curate insights (moving information to insights to impact).

Summary: People search a lot, share and consume tons of content and form new insights or wisdom. These insights drive decisions, actions and results; yet, they are stored between employees’ ears, disconnected from context and quickly lost or forgotten. We provide a platform enabling people to most effectively use insights, not raw content, faster than the "speed of business." Any exemplary performers create insights that can be shared across all levels of the organization and the insights are curated for consumption by the workforce as they are working. It is collaborative, intuitive, rapid and provides an evidence-based audit trail that is easily followed. This results in significant business and operational effectiveness and builds a workforce full of critical thinking experts.

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