BTS Software Solutions, LLC

6200 Old Dobbin Lane, Suite 190
Columbia MD 21045
BTS Software Solutions is a Veteran Owned Small Business focused on providing software engineering research, development, implementation and management. Our background started with support to the warfighter and first responders. We focus on providing access to near-real time data all the way out to the tactical edge, allowing military personnel to adapt emerging technologies to their specific needs through an intuitive interface. Our expertise in dynamic data access and management in austere, high-stress environments translates to our broader expertise in advanced APIs, complex data analytics, and highly intuitive UI/UX design that easily integrates into existing workflows. Our diverse team of engineers, intelligence and operational analysts, and trainers design and deploy mission management software solutions as Quick Reaction Capabilities (QRC) for organizations within the DOD intelligence community. Our mission management software with a graphical user interface establishes a common platform to manage, integrate and visually display real time information gathered by multiple data sources across a variety of disciplines. One key BTS Software Solutions discriminator is our ability to draw on multiple sources of expertise and best practices to develop low-cost, innovative, proven solutions rapidly. This allows us to provide exceptional value added contributions to our customers. Our Commercial Solutions Division brings cutting edge commercial solutions to today’s biggest problems with large data management and visualization, advanced APIs, mobile technology, user interfaces, and seamless workforce integration. Advanced design and software development work with global media organizations, the health care industry, digital media marketing, and complex customer management and interface architectures easily contribute to our government solutions. As well, our on-staff PhD cognitive scientist provides unique insight into human-machine behavioral interfaces and workflow management. Our Government Solutions Division specializes in leveraging both government and non-government open source software (OSS) to reduce cost, research and development time, and integration efforts for our government clients. Our innovative approach identifies OSS software with initial operating or baseline capabilities allowing BTS Software Solutions to design additional functionality to meet our clients’ requirements, integrate our solutions within the OSS framework, and then deploy the solution with full operational capabilities. Our experience shows that repurposing OSS products significantly reduces the customers’ cost, deployment and integration time while fully meeting or surpassing the warfighters’ requirements.​

BTS Celebrates 10 Years!

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