5470 E Busch Blvd, Suite 460
Tampa FL 33617

Welcome to the next generation of Cyber Security protection. Aerobyte is a company that solves the critical problem of securing and monitoring the transference of electronic data/information. It defends and protects individuals, corporations, and governments from related threats based on a “Trust Model.” Aerobyte Cyber Defense Inc was founded in May 2020 by Howard Hellman and Bill Tabor, who has developed the next generation Cyber Security architecture that protects organizations from the inside out where every SDP with an IP address becomes the new perimeter.

Aerobyte’s proprietary CDF Dashboard allows organizations to configure, deploy, and protect zero trust architecture and software-defined perimeters for any endpoint with an IP address. Combine with our dynamic encryption tunnel, we literally remove the network from the security equation. 

It offers the management, monitoring, analytics, and configuration tools to automate protection on a massive scale, creating the dynamic of an attack on an organization becoming nothing more than a simple maintenance issue.

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