2 Percent Health

1118 Reserve Champion Drive
Rockville MD 20850

Our mission is to guide members to set aside 30 minutes daily (2% of the day) for brain health/mental health activities.  We help members fill those activities with evidence-based actions for brain health.  The second part of our mission is to be a one-stop-shop of resources, professional help, tools, guidance and programs for those looking for help in these areas.  Eighty percent of individuals searching for mental health services have no idea where to start.  Our intent is to serve as brain health/mental health "guardrails" as members experience new stress, stop their medication, and/ or experience new symptoms over their life span. Our website is: https://2percenthealth.com/. We have a Bubble prototype app and a demo: https://2-percent-health.bubbleapps.io/, that shows the general functionality.  We are in process of user feedback and are fundraising seed funds. 

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