SYNAPS Dx Honors Researchers, Providers, Patients and Families During World Alzheimer’s Month

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SYNAPS Dx (SDx), a privately held company focused on the research, development and commercialization of a diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), recognizes World Alzheimer’s Month and the extraordinary progress in diagnosing the disease. The company’s DISCERN™ test assesses the factors directly related to the formation of synaptic connections in the brain impacting loss of memory and cognition in people living with AD, as well as regulators of amyloid plaque and tau formation—hallmarks of AD at autopsy.

“AD affects 6.5 million Americans and this figure is expected to rise to 12.7 million by 2050," says Dr. Matthew Rizzo, board chair, American Brain Coalition. "One of the challenges in managing patients with AD is getting an accurate, early diagnosis. Until recently, that had only been possible conclusively through examination of brain tissue pathology, mostly obtained post-mortem.”

SDx developed DISCERN to provide healthcare professionals a test to conclusively identify and distinguish AD from other forms of dementia, even in the presence of co-morbid pathologies. DISCERN is recognized as the world's only Gold Standard Validated benchmark to offer such clinical insight.

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