Ørsted awarded contract for world’s single biggest offshore wind farm

The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has awarded Ørsted a contract for difference for its Hornsea 3 offshore wind farm. The project was awarded at an inflation-indexed strike price of GBP 37.35 per MWh in 2012 prices. 

With a capacity of 2,852 MW, Hornsea 3 will produce enough low-cost, clean, renewable electricity to power 3.2 million UK homes, making a significant contribution to the UK Government’s ambition of having 50 GW offshore wind in operation by 2030 as part of the British Energy Security Strategy. 


Hornsea 3 will play a key role in the ongoing development of a larger and sustainably competitive UK supply chain to support the next phase of the UK’s offshore wind success story. Ørsted has already announced a multi-million pound agreement for Hornsea 3 to be the first and lead customer at SeAH Wind’s monopile factory in Teesside, underpinning SeAH’s investment decision to establish a new, globally competitive monopile factory in the UK.

Hornsea 3 will contribute significantly to Ørsted’s ambition of globally installing 30 GW offshore wind by 2030. Ørsted currently has approx. 7.5 GW offshore wind in operation, approx. 3.5 GW under construction, and another almost 11 GW of awarded capacity under development including Hornsea 3. 

Martin Neubert, Deputy Group CEO and Chief Commercial Officer at Ørsted, says: “Offshore wind once again proves itself as a homegrown source of clean energy at large scale that will help the UK achieve its climate targets and increase energy independence while creating local jobs and industrial development. 

“We remain fully committed to financial discipline. The strike price is inflation-indexed and the contract comes with a level of merchant flexibility. We have already secured capacity with key suppliers for around two thirds of Hornsea 3’s CAPEX. Also, we can unlock significant synergies by taking a global portfolio view in procurement and by utilizing Hornsea 3’s size and location adjacent to our existing UK East coast wind farms with close to 4 GW in operation.” 

Hornsea 3 will be located 160 km from the Yorkshire coast, and Ørsted expects to commission the wind farm in 2027. When Hornsea 3 comes online, Ørsted’s Hornsea zone – comprising Hornsea 1, 2 and 3 – will have a total capacity of in excess of 5 GW, making it the world’s largest offshore wind zone covering the power consumption of approx. 5 million UK homes.

Duncan Clark, Head of Region UK at Ørsted, says: "This is another landmark for offshore wind in the UK. Not only will Hornsea 3 provide low cost, clean energy for millions of homes in the UK, it will also deliver thousands of high quality jobs and billions of pounds of investment in the UK’s offshore wind supply chain.

"Successive governments deserve credit for providing the regulatory and policy certainty for continued investment in offshore wind – Ørsted alone expects to further invest around 14 billion pounds in the UK to the end of this decade. This has allowed the cost of offshore wind to fall rapidly and to become the thriving industry it is today, with private companies expected to invest 155 billion pounds and almost 100,000 people to be employed in the sector by 2030.

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