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GFTD has developed a wrap-around approach to fostering the relationships that matter to you. Delighting a recipient with exactly what they want creates a shared memory of care and celebration around even the little things. With clever technology, our model also alleviates the hassle and frustration of the gifting process.

Once the app is downloaded, the new user enters basic demographic and banking information. From there he/she creates a Wishlist (or creates Multiple Wishlists: general, graduation, anniversary…) of the lifestyle experiences (tour of a winery), services (mani/pedi), goods (skis), or charity (notebooks for the second graders at Tunbridge Elementary School) offerings that he/she wants. Your Wishlist is now accessible to your contacts so a gifter can send you the specific monetary amount of your Wish with tax, tip, and a personalized message. The elated recipient can send back a beautiful thank you note and post a picture on social media as he/she is touring the winery, showcasing painted fingernails, standing next to a pair of skis, or walking into a classroom of happy 2nd graders. 

GetGFTD is the app where customization, sustainability, shopping local, and convenience meet in the palm of your hand. 

I have finished a round of friends & family investing and am in a place where venture capital will allow the app to keep adding value to its growing customer base. I am looking for an infusion of capital and mentoring from others who have the desire and knowledge I need to keep propelling this company forward. 


Becoming GFTD

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