Business Development Executive


Parman Tech is looking for an entrepreneurial-minded person with a technical background, but primary

experience in business development activities in life science instrumentation, medical device, or

pharmaceutical companies. This person is expected to develop a strong relationship with the existing

team while working initially as a part-time consultant. During this period, the ideal person will 1)

identify and establish relationships with a few Strategic Partners, i.e., companies that could enable us to

develop our technology more quickly or expand our market, 2) conduct market research in gene therapy

and nanomedicine that will strengthen our business case for investment from funding agencies and

private investors, 3) help write parts of SBIR proposals, e.g., Commercialization Plan and Market Analysis

sections. Following the acquisition of the next level of funding, depending on mutual interest, we

expect to welcome this person onboard as a first full-time Parman Tech employee with commensurate

opportunities for seniority and equity in the company. Principal tasks for a full-time employee will be to

lead efforts in fundraising, partnerships, and all business development and customer-facing activities.

This role is for someone who wants to provide significant contributions to the strategic and tactical

directions of a budding company. He/she must be able to tolerate the uncertainty and limited

immediate compensation inherent in an entrepreneurial venture for the opportunity to contribute in a

very meaningful way to its development and to participate in the very significant upside of the venture.

About Parman Tech

Parman Tech is an early-stage life science instrumentation start-up located in the I-270 Biotech corridor

of Maryland. The company is developing a new analytical instrument for separation of nanoparticles,

which it will initially market to companies and institutions working in gene therapy and nanomedicine.

The novel concept, based on technology created at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

(NIST) by the company’s founder, enables continuous separation of nanoparticles based on size or

density. This will allow those working in gene therapy and nanomedicine to both analyze and purify

therapies based on degree of functionalization or on exosome fill fraction. The ultimate impact will be

improved therapies at lower costs for millions of patients. The company’s work during the National

Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corps program identified a significant need for the capability it can provide

to its target markets and revealed that there are several additional markets for this technology

throughout the pharmaceutical industry and beyond.

Parman Tech, founded at the end of 2018, consists of a two-person team that has successfully acquired

more than half a million dollars in state and federal grants with which it has established a substantial

R&D foundation. We are now looking to accelerate our efforts by expanding our team and seeking

larger sources of funding. Our immediate funding goals are SBIR grant from both the National Science

Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. 

For information, contact Contact: John J Curry,

Job Type : Full-Time
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