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A Tech Council Membership is simply the best way for you and your organization to connect with the state’s leading minds. 

We are all business, all the way, all the time! 

Membership type and dues is determined by

  • the nature of the business being conducted by the member company
  • total employment for the company within MD, VA and DC

If you need assistance, please contact our Membership Department at 240-243-4049 or

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Any Academic Institution providing education and/or training to students or companies

Hospital, incubator or non-profit organizations (Proof of 501c3 status required)

Any government institution

Any entity, including but not limited to those involved in the development of therapeutic drugs, vaccines, diagnostic assays, and agricultural products that derives revenue from research, development, manufacturing or distribution of products. This includes companies focused on healthcare, food and agriculture, and industrial and environmental applications

Any entity which directly researches, develops, manufactures or sells products or services based upon technology, whether electronic, software, biotechnology, telecommunications or otherwise innovative by nature

Vendors that are not directly involved in commercial biotechnology or technology but share an interest in the industry’s future. Professional service firms which provide services such as legal, financial, staffing and consulting assistance

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